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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Memory Studies in Historical Jesus Research" - audio

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology and ears, you can listen in on the recent SBL panel on the topic of "Memory Studies in Historical Jesus Research".
[Two unfortunate caveats: the first paper is missing the first four minutes (sorry Chris); and the sound quality is somewhat poor throughout - I had better luck with headphones].
Chris Keith, "The Past Approaching and Approaching the Past: The Contribution of Memory Studies to Historical Jesus Research"

Zeba Crook, "Memory Distortion and the Historical Jesus"

Rafael Rodríguez, "An Uneasy Concord: Memory and History in Contemporary Jesus Research"

Paul Foster, "Memory: Help or Hindrance in Historical Jesus Research?"

Discussion of panelists moderated militantly by James Crossley

I am just now listening to these. I will probably have some reflections once I've had a chance to digest.


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  1. Thanks for making this available. I found it fascinating and I *loved* the question time, although I suspect that the people down the corridor wondered what was making me laugh out loud! I assume that the delay in posting it was about getting permission from the participants to put it up. My thanks to them all for agreeing!!!