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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Blessed Virgin Mary by Perry and Kendall

I finally had a chance to flip through the new Eerdmans catalog. Among the many very intriguing titles, this one jumped out at me:

Here is the Eerdmans synopsis: This volume provides a concise, nontechnical historical introduction to the church's thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus. The first part of the book sketches the development of Marian thought from the second century to the twentieth century. The second part contains an annotated bibliography of the most important and accessible English-language works on Mary.

Tim Perry, an evangelical Anglican priest, and Daniel Kendall, a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, have joined across the Reformation divide to provide an irenic, balanced volume for students and general readers interested in this most remarkable woman and the ways in which she has shaped Christian thought.

I will have to pick this up soon.

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