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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jens Schroeter

When Prof. Keith and I decided to assemble the roster for our upcoming conference, we wrote out our "dream team" list. The names on this list represented the best scholars associated with the particular topics that we wanted covered. This list included names like Loren Stuckenbruck, Dagmar Winter and Dale Allison; we were being overly optimistic. To our titillated glee, our final roster looked just like our initial "dream team"... with one exception - we had not contacted Jens Schroeter.

I told Chris over and over that Prof. Schroeter would be impossible to get. Not only is he a tremendously busy person, he does not often attend conferences in North America. But because we are both great admirers of his work, Chris decided to email him anyway.

Prof Schroeter is the first New Testament scholar to apply Social Memory theory to Jesus research. Chris and I are both convinced that scholars will look back on this generation and point to his work on Jesus as a decided shift in the intellectual history of research. Jens Schroeter is the reason why both of us learned to read German. In my case, Jimmy Dunn handed me an essay Schroeter wrote and said, "read this." Even though Jimmy was not fond of the direction (i.e. my direction) he knew that the essay was important.

So when Chris knocked on my office door to tell me that Prof. Schroeter would be coming to our conference we almost burst at the seams (well, I almost did; my seams are much more strained than Chris' seams).  Here is my summary of Schroeter's chapter:

Here is a bit more about him:

Professor Schroeter will be presenting this at our upcoming conference in Dayton, Oct 4-5. We hope to see you there.

Register by clicking the above link or by contacting Robbie Collins at | 938.529.2201


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