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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

JSHJ issue and Alan Kirk's Q in Matthew

The Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus has just published vol. 15, issue 2–3, which features a number of review essays of Alan Kirk's significant volume, Q in Matthew (which has already been discussed on the Jesus Blog; see here and here). Reviewers include:

  • Sarah Rollens ("Q in Matthew: A Review Essay")
  • Rafael Rodríguez ("Matthew as Performer, Tradent, Scribe")
  • Robert Derrenbacker ("Matthew as Scribal Tradent: An Assessment of Alan Kirk's Q in Matthew")
  • Mark Goodacre ("Q, Memory and Matthew: A Response to Alan Kirk")
The issue also includes a response by Alan Kirk ("The Synoptic Problem, Ancient Media, and the Historical Jesus"). I've not read the three review essays or Alan's response yet, but I'm terribly excited to do so.

The issue includes a number of other contributions, and I don't intend to slight them. But my focus is on the Q in Matthew conversation. Go look at the excellent issue James Crossley and Anthony Le Donne have put together.

Leave your comments below if you'd like to chastise Alan for those places where he continues to disagree with me. (If you agree with Alan, I encourage you to practice the ancient virtue of restraint and leave your comment un-posted.)

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  1. I look forward to reading Daniel N. Gullotta's article 'On Richard Carrier’s Doubts'.
    Recently there's been a series of heated exchanges between Hurtado and Carrier about mythicism.
    A major hurdle for Hurtado is that he apparently has not read Carrier's book.
    The final chapter of Carrier's On the Historicity of Jesus (OHJ) actually asks rational qualified scholars to present a critique.
    I hope the article in your journal meets this challenge.