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Sunday, November 12, 2017

BOOK GIVEAWAY - tell a joke, win a book

The upstanding citizens at Hendrickson Publishers are giving away three copies of my latest book. Sacred Dissonance is coauthored by Larry Behrendt and me, with a foreword from Amy-Jill Levine.

Rabbi Dana Kaplan writes of the book:
“Conversations between Jews and Christians have never been more productive. So, aren’t we done with Jewish-Christian dialogue already? In this book, Anthony Le Donne and Larry Behrendt answer this question with an emphatic “no.” By embracing rather than papering over the complex differences between Christians and Jews, Larry and Anthony show how an exploration of the things that divide us can lead to deeper faith and friendship.”
How to win? It's simple. To enter . . . 

1) repost this on social media (and comment below to say you have);

2) tell your favorite religious joke in the comments section (jokes of good taste have a better chance of being posted);

3) do both and double your chance of winning!


  1. Posted on Facebook.

    A Priest and a Rabbi were eating together when the priest started to tease the Rabbi.”Wow, this ham is really good” he said licking his lips.”I know it’s against your religion, but when are you going to break down and finally have some.”After a moments thought the Rabbi responded with a smile “at your wedding!”

  2. A managing director in a large international mining company is transferred to a small town on the West Coast of New Zealand. After a meeting with the local management in Greymouth, she asked them, "Hey, by the way, can anybody tell me where the local synagogue is? For the life of me, I haven't been able to find it."

    The locals look at each other - a little embarrassed - and then one of them spoke up: "I'm fairly sure we don't actually have a synagogue in Greymouth. In fact, I'm fairly sure that you're our first Jew."

    The managing director looked a little taken aback for a moment, but then made a note in her diary, and said, "Oh well, I guess that's that then."

    After a few months, she was driving one of the local managers around town, and said, "Hey, let's go down this road, I want to show you something". She took him to a building site, where an impressive building was under construction."

    "What's this?" asks the local manager.

    "It's going to be a synagogue," replied the managing director, with some pride. "When I heard there was no synagogue in Greymouth, I had this commissioned."

    "That's great," replied the local manager. "It'll be a real boost for the town, I'm sure."

    "But I want to show you something else," she says. And then she drove him a block away, to another construction site, where another, equally impressive building was under construction. "And this is also going to be a synagogue."

    The local manager looked highly confused, and asked in astonishment, "Two synagogues? But, I thought you were the only Jew in Greymouth?"

    "Oh, I am," replied the managing director.

    "Then why on earth are you building not one, but *two* synagogues here?"

    She replied, "The first synagogue is so I have somewhere to attend each Sabbath. The other one is so I can tell people, 'Oh, I'd never go to *that* synagogue.'"

  3. - How exactly did Jesus pay for the sins of humanity? I mean, did he use cash or credit card?
    - He used praypal.

  4. What kind of car did the apostles drive? Honda. They were all in one Accord.