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Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Next Book

Look, you should really read Near Christianity. It's good fun and it would make my publisher happy. Or maybe just pretend that you did and write a nice Amazon review. It's what complete strangers do for each other, after all.

But if you are too busy to pretend to have read my latest book. Do the next best thing: pretend that you want to read my next book! 

The book will be put out by Hendrickson, it is due out by the end of the year, and my co-author and I are presently revising the final draft. I cannot tell you the title yet but here is a word cloud based on the manuscript:

Look at all those fancy words!

The book is by me and a Jewish friend of mine. Here are a few topics we cover.

Rules for the road in inter-religious dialogue.

Differences in memory between groups.

Postures we take in dialogue.



Dirty-hippie liberals.

More soon....


[CLARIFICATION: this post refers to my "other next book". I should have been more clear on this point because I've recently referred to a different project in a recent post.]

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