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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jewish­-Christian Friendship - To What End?

If you happen to be in the San Antonio area on Thursday, November 17th, I'd like to invite you to a Jewish-Christian dialogue at the SoL Center. Friend of the blog, Brian LePort will host:

Jewish­-Christian Friendship: To What End?

A Conversation between Anthony Le Donne and Larry Behrendt

Measuring against previous eras, Jewish-Christian friendship is experiencing a renaissance. But what is the benefit of this friendship? Can Jews and Christians be spiritual allies? Larry Behrendt will interview Anthony Le Donne about his new book, Near Christianity: How Journeys along Jewish-Christian Borders Saved my Faith in God. Le Donne will discuss how his Jewish friends and mentors enhanced his Christian faith. We will also discuss A Sacred Dissonance, a forthcoming book that Behrendt and Le Donne have co­-authored, focusing on how Jewish­-Christian similarity and diversity serve as a source of creative and spiritual energy for both Jew and Christian. The evening will conclude with questions and answers from the audience. Anthony Le Donne will be available to sign his book at the end of the session. Admission: $15 (AAR/SBL members will be admitted at no cost).
If you are planning to attend AAR/SBL, we'd love to see you a day early! Larry and I hope to go for drinks with a few conference folks after this event.


[Update: This event will be from 7-9pm, Nov. 17.]


  1. Sounds great. Wish I could be there, but a little too far.

  2. Gene Stecher
    Chambersburg, Pa.

    Years ago I was in an email group and became involved in a conversation with a young Jewish woman. For some reason the discussion became centered on the apostle Paul. It was like this woman became a different person, using a long list of descriptions such as "what a horrible man," and so forth, taking everything Paul said personally. At the time I was quite unskilled in such a dialogue and began to try to reassure her that she should read Romans 9-11 where Paul included all Jews in the kingdom. That did not deter her from Paul hatred. She saw Paul as a living breathing enemy in the present. If I were to be engaged in this way again, I would simply say, who gives a ( ? ) what Paul said, we both understand that our future together lies in mutual acceptance without judgment. I apologize for all who have used Paul to judge the Jewish people.

  3. Replies
    1. Bill, you are such a practical fellow! My best guess at this point is 7-9pm. Brian LePort will have better information soon.

    2. Hope I'll arrive in time, keep us posted about the time please. And congrats to your new book!

    3. Jennifer, thanks for the reminder! 7-9pm is indeed the official time. I hope you can make it.