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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Do You Want James Crossley’s Autograph? Sure You Do.—Chris Keith

Crossley after killing an endangered snow leopard
What??!!  You've never met James Crossley in the flesh?  Then do we have something for you.  Come to the launch of the second edition of his book, Harnessing Chaos, at St Mary's University on April 20 at 6.30pm GMT. 

"Chris, I have my poster made, but I don't know where to reserve my place at this extravaganza of political biblical interpretation!!!!  Help me!!!"

No problem.  Just go here.

"Will he really be there in person??!!!"

Yes, Prof Crossley will be there, and, as always, will stay until he signs the last autograph.

"Will he wear a suit and tie??!!"

Come on, now.  Ask a real question.


  1. How much will a Crossley autograph be worth on the open market at SBL 2016?

  2. Crossley autographs are traded only on the black market.

    1. Hold on - is there an SBL black market that I've been missing out on?

  3. Along with his autograph, I would be interested in Professor Crossley's favorite Led Zeppelin song, and if he has heard Queen's song "Jesus" from their first album, and what he thinks of it?

  4. I hope he does Wonderwall. It s my favourite

  5. I am very much looking forward to this event.

  6. From Dr G:

    I'm a big supporter of James Crossley. And think he could get a significant following, if he became a more frequent contributor here. Especially a few articles in The Manchester Guardian would help too.

    So why the perpetual persecuted, furtive look? I think Crossley could easily gather lots of followers. If he would only speak to the multitudes.

    A little more on caesar/Cameron's faith, for the Guardian, might be timely.

  7. Can I get an autographed snow leopard?