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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hurtado versus Iverson in the Latest NTS—Chris Keith

For those who were interested in Larry Hurtado's essay on "Oral Fixation and New Testament Studies," where he criticizes some "performance critics," you will want to check out the latest issue of New Testament Studies.  Kelly Iverson has struck back on behalf of the performance critics with "Oral Fixation or Oral Correct? A Response to Larry Hurtado."  Hurtado then responds with "Correcting Iverson's 'Correction.'"


  1. If there is a performance element to GMark, then perhaps Mark was written for community initiates to take him/her through the experience of every-man when coming face to face with Jesus.

    I suggest that Mark even places the initiate into his play with a major part. The initiate deserts and flees naked, losing his initiation linen cloth in the process (14:51-52, and then in an act of commitment and enlightenment, represented by his white robe, he sits in the empty tomb and announces the resurrection.

    Seems to me like that would be rather powerful stuff to reenact.