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Monday, October 12, 2015

Syndicate Theology Symposium on Jesus against the Scribal Elite—Chris Keith

Today begins the Syndicate Theology Symposium on my book, Jesus against the Scribal Elite.  Over the course of the next week or so, the symposium will feature responses to the book from four excellent scholars:  Dagmar Winter, Tobias Haegerland, Christopher Skinner, and Jason Lamoreaux.  I then respond to their comments and, as I understand it, they get to fire back again.  To say that I'm honored to have these four scholars reading and assessing my work is a serious understatement.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with them thus far in preparing for the symposium and look forward to the discussion this week.  If you click on the link now, it will take you to Chris Tilling's introductory essay.  I'm grateful to Chris Tilling for serving as editor of this symposium.  Cascade Press will be publishing the written version of the symposium in due course.


  1. Congratulations Chris! What an honor!
    Please keep us updated on how the symposium is going. (And tell Chris and Jason I said hello).