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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jesus is a Socialist Loser

The gospel according to Donald Trump is pretty clear: the world is full of lots of losers and a few winners and the the winners deserve the glory. This is not a quotation from Trump. This is not a paraphrase. This is the persona that Trump has created for himself over the past 30 years of public life. This is the gist of what Trump is all about and I doubt he'd try to nuance my summary because nuance is for losers.

There has been a rumor circulating that Donald Trump called Jesus a "socialist loser." This too is not a quotation from Trump. He didn't say it and (now that America has hit rock bottom) now that he is a viable nominee for the GOP he won't say it. In America, nobody campaigns against Jesus.

But let's be clear: in Trump's America Jesus certainly looks like a socialist loser. If we're talking about the historical Jesus who disavows wealth and is crushed by Roman execution, Jesus is a loser. If we're talking about the Pauline Jesus who empties himself to the lowest possible status (cf. Phil 2), Jesus is a loser. If we're talking about Luke's Jesus who founds a community of common wealth, Jesus is a loser. The Jesus of John's Apocalypse is a "winner" of sorts, but still probably a bit too lambish within Trump's economy. Most importantly, Jesus in various ways and in various portraits identifies with the disenfranchised. Jesus clearly resides on the wrong side of Trump's wall.



  1. Thanks. I had to share this one.

  2. I sense you folks are nervous. Oh neighbours, what are you up to?

  3. We should all be very, very careful; when the trump sounds, things are closer to a disastrous end.

  4. Thanks very much Jesus Blog for posting the truth about
    what Donald Trump did not say about Jesus.
    I just found out that a "Humor site" on the Internet called The Good Lord Above published this lie as a parody of a supposed speech that Trump would make. Some
    joke, a lot of people actually thought Trump, who is a Presbyterian Christian, said this about Jesus. The Internet can really be disgusting, I'm pleased to find
    a site like this which is really decent.
    William H. Burke, Jr. Ridley Park, Pa. USA

  5. This site is not actually decent. You assessed Trump's character through your own misunderstanding. I suppose you think that all Christians should have remained poor throughout history and never built any business. You have been poisoned by socialism and liberal theology. Really sorry to read this, even though you did state that you were just interpreting what Trump would say, you broke the ninth commandment aainst false witness and are no better than a liar in this regard.