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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jesus against the Scribal Elite Reviews and Symposium—Chris Keith

Two more reviews of Jesus against the Scribal Elite: The Origins of the Conflict (Baker Academic, 2014), have appeared or are appearing.  I'm happy to say that both are very complimentary.  The first is by Steven J. Stiles in Expository Times 126 (2015): 510-511.  The second is by Jody A. Barnard in Journal for the Study of the New Testament 37.5 (2015): 22-23.  I have also just received the essays contributed for the Syndicate Theology Symposium dedicated to Jesus against the Scribal Elite and edited by Chris Tilling.  Those assessing the book are Tobias Hägerland, Dagmar Winter, Christopher Skinner, and Jason Lamoreaux.  I have been very pleased at their insightful comments (criticisms and compliments alike!) and look forward to writing my responses here soon after SNTS and a trip to London in the next three weeks.

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