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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quarterly Quote of the Month about Jesus for this Week

"The last time that I remained silent in the face of this injustice: Tony and I were riding in the backseat of a car heading to one of Tony’s speaking engagements in a mid-western city. The two people in the front seat were evangelical Christians (I’m sure that this is what they would have called themselves). They wanted to talk to Tony about the “ills that plague our society and threaten the Church” and first on their list was the “homosexual problem.” As they started to describe these people, I started to feel physically ill. I sat in silent misery and anger, doing what I had always done: nothing. It used to be part of my religion never to upset anybody. Tony did his best to enlighten the couple, but my own silence was so loud in my ears that I can’t even remember what he said. That ride seemed interminable. But it ended too soon and I was left with my guilt. Those two people would go on with their made-up Jesus and their mixed-up thinking and they had every reason to think that I agreed with them. For me, that night, a cock crowed for the third time. I had not only failed to stand up for some dear friends, I had betrayed the Jesus who loved them. That night—miserable and ashamed of myself—I asked God to forgive me and to give me the courage to speak the truth next time. And God has given me many, many next times; and today is one of them."

            ~Peggy Campolo

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