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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Quarterly Quote of the Month about Jesus for this Week

Jimmy Fallon: “Norman Greenbaum -- you know, the guy who wrote Spirit in the Sky..."
Jerry Seinfeld: "I love Spirit in the Sky."
Fallon: "Great song. He goes, ‘I’ve got a home, I’ve got a summer home, and a little boat. I wrote one song.”
Seinfeld: “It’s a Jesus song; what’s the lyric?”
Fallon: “I got a friend in Jesus.”
Seinfeld: “Yeah. ‘I got a friend in Jesus’ . . . and the guy’s name is Greenbaum.”
Fallon: *laughing*

Seinfeld: “I need more information. . .”
Fallon: *laughing*
Seinfeld: “I need more information.”
              ~Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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