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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Top Ten Titles to Rename James McGrath's Blog

The venerable James McGrath is considering changing the name of his famous blog "Exploring our Matrix." He is asking for suggestions. Check in with him here to help him out. For my part, I have come up with the top ten titles to rename James McGrath's blog.

10. Bellatrix le James

9. Indianapolis James and the Funky Mythicists

8. Dinosaurs with Saddles

7. Horus is Just Alright With Me

6. Quarknado!

5. Terminator VII: The Rise of the Manichees

4. Most Popular Girl Names 2015

3. What Mani Wore

2. McGrath's Gaffes

...and the number one title to rename James McGrath's blog:

1. The Epistle of St. James the Nonplussed


  1. I love them all. Now I just need to figure out how to combine them all into one grandiose title...

  2. #1 is great.
    Or maybe "The Proto-Musings of James"

  3. How about "McG's Cogitations"?

  4. How about, "A Series of My Annoyances"