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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quarterly Quote of the Month about Jesus for this Week

The religion of the eighteenth century undertook a great work of reform. It waged war against superstition and ignorance. It obtained recognition for humanity in the eyes of the law. Torture was abolished, first in Prussia in the year 1740 through a cabinet order of Frederick the Great. It was demanded of the individual that he should place himself at the service of the community. English emigrants formulated in America for the first time the rights of man. The idea of humanity began to gain in significance. People dared to grasp the thought that lasting peace must reign on Earth. Kant wrote a book on Everlasting Peace (1795), and in it represented the thought that even politics must submit to the principles of ethics. Finally, an achievement which the spirit of the eighteenth century brought about  in the nineteenth century, came the abolition of slavery. The religious-ethical spirit of the eighteenth century desired then to make the Kingdom of God a reality on earth.

                                   ~Albert Schweitzer

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