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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Eagle Has Landed: Jens Schröter’s From Jesus to the New Testament—Chris Keith

Yesterday I found out that Baylor University Press has now released Jens Schröter’s From Jesus to the New Testament, the English translation of his Von Jesus zum Neuen Testament.  Wayne Coppins has translated it, and I for one am incredibly grateful.  In a two-part status quaestionis essay that I currently have under consideration for publication, I have identified Jens as the lead voice in the new historiography in Jesus studies, a shift of methodology in historical Jesus research to which memory studies contributes heavily.  The fountainhead of this is Jens’s mammoth Erinnerung an Jesu Worte, but Von Jesus zum Neuen Testament collected a lot of his important essays.  It’s fantastic to have them in English now.

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