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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Top Ten Highlights of my Trip to Hog Territory - Le Donne

10) Saw my first real armadillo. It was road kill, but it still counts.

9) Ate at the famous Mr. Spriggs BBQ. The meat fell right off the blessed bone!

8) Was treated to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. My thoughts on this flick are here.

7) Saw Elena Blackburn complete five pull ups—one for every year of her life. Chin went right over the bar.

6) Saw the Tornado-savvy and focused Pastor Phil in his element. I learned about updrafts, clouds organizing, and tornadic storms. I never even knew that “tornadic” was a word. “Discover the Excellence!”

5) A lovely Arturo Fuente.

4) Met a dude named (no kidding) “Oklaben”. In addition to being handsome and bright, I was convinced that he possessed the coolest name on the planet. This was short-lived as I was soon told that his father is named “Oklahomer”. God bless America!

3) Had several edifying conversations about Paul's environmentalism.

2) Got to spend some time with the fine people of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

And the top highlight of my trip to hog territory: 

1) Was reminded that Christians can rise to be truly wonderful when pressed into action.

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