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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ernest van Eck's Essay

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"Social memory and identity: Luke 19:12b–24 and 27" by Ernest van Eck (University of Pretoria)

Abstract: Based of a specific understanding of social memory, this article develops a social–scientific model of social memory. The model is then applied to three social memories of the events surrounding Archelaus’ journey to Rome to get his kingship over Judaea confirmed in 4 BCE: Josephus’ WAR (2.80–100), his ANTIQUITIES (17.208–323), and the social memory of the event in Luke 19:12, 14 and 27, as part of the parable of the minas (Lk 19:12b–24 and 27).


  1. I am concluding that "social memory" is something like jazz: when we hear it, we probably know what it is, but heaven knows what we're going to get if we ask someone to perform it.