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Monday, February 4, 2013

Paul Foster Calls Three Recent Advances in Jesus Research "Dead Ends" - Le Donne

I have known that an essay by Paul Foster on the topic of "memory" in Jesus research has been coming down the pike for several months now. This morning I received two emails and a facebook tag telling me that the piece is in circulation. Dr. Foster wrote this piece for the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (vol 10). Mike Bird writes about it here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Foster last summer in Edinburgh. It was a very brief meeting but he was terribly kind.  Prof. Keith, of course, has had more opportunities to interact with him.  I imagine that one of us will rejoin this conversation after we have a chance to read the piece closely.  Here is the abstract:

At first glance, Dr. Foster is providing historical Jesus research with an opportunity to bring amorphous and nascent applications of "memory" to greater clarity. I look forward to the conversation.


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