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Friday, October 19, 2012

More on Rollston and Pres. Sweeney of Emmanuel

Before I say anything else, I must tell you that I've always had a favorable impression of Emmanuel, the folks there, and the caliber of students that they produce. That said, the mishandling of Christopher Rollston's career troubles me greatly and the following link just thickens my feelings. Here is the latest from Thom Stark, and here is the part that interested me most:

I read the statement, and was instantly disappointed to find that it was not, in fact, an honest statement of the facts surrounding the Rollston situation. I immediately called Emmanuel and informed their representative that there were a handful of problematic and inaccurate claims made in President Sweeney’s statement. I pointed out in specifics what those problems were (some minor, some major), and it quickly became clear to me that Emmanuel’s representative was not privy to all of the details of the case at hand—a fact which I most certainly did not hold against the representative. 
I said that I would not be favorably disposed to publishing the statement as it stood, and that it wouldn’t at any rate reflect very well on Emmanuel were it to be published. I suggested they consider addressing the problems, and then send a revision to me for publication. The representative thanked me, and asked me to hold off on publishing the statement pending further research, and another meeting of the administration tomorrow (Friday the 12th).
In short, an official Emmanuel representative asked Mr. Stark to publish (on the blog associated with the above link) an official statement on the matter from Emmanuel President Mike Sweeney. Mr. Stark decided that he could not, in good conscience, publish a statement that was not "honest" (his word). The statement from President Sweeney is included in the post.


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