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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Breaking: Not Newly Discovered Text Says Nothing About Jesus and Mary!

The new book by Mr. Simcha Jacobovici and Dr. Barrie Wilson - The Lost Gospel - claims to have unearthed a dust-covered and coded text from the 6th century. While never once referring to Jesus or Mary Magdalene, the authors argue that "Joseph" is code for Jesus and that "Aseneth" is code for Mary. Bob Cargill has more details on this book here. In sum, Dr. Cargill is right to point out that this "Lost Gospel" was neither lost nor a gospel. The text has been well documented by scholars for long time and titled (appropriately) "Joseph and Aseneth." It is an historical fiction that explains how Joseph (Gen. 41:45) came to marry an non-Israel and how she adopted the worship and practices of Israel.

If you'd like to read the story of Joseph and Aseneth for yourself you can do so for free here:

If you'd like to know why so many sensationalized "discoveries" continue to surface regarding Jesus and Mary Magdalene, I've recently written a book on the topic. In addition to addressing the public's fascination with the possibility of a "wife of Jesus," I offer sociological evidence supporting Jesus' marital status. I draw from the earliest and best sources (first and second century sources) to support my arguments.

Endorsements include:

“A remarkable expedition, through an impressive range of intriguing topics and little-known ancient texts, mapping for us how this kind of historical work advances.”

~Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Fuller Theological Seminary, California

"A fantastic read. Le Donne's quest for the historical wife of Jesus is as much about our contemporary phobias as it is about our past. What Le Donne did so brilliantly for Jesus in his book Historical Jesus, he now does for Jesus' wife. In this book, he lays out the best historical evidence for and against a married Jesus, the gay Jesus, the celibate Jesus, and the polygamous Jesus. What is so scandalous about this? Le Donne shows us it is all about sex."

~April D. DeConick, Chair of the Religious Studies Department of Rice University.

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