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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not a Bad Start


  1. Interesting move by the Pope but I still find all this feet washing weird and creepy in a sense ...

    Also, doesn't he just do this as a sort of PR move?

  2. Everything I read about him is that he's the real deal - at least when it comes to the poor and oppressed.

    That there were cameras present answers your question: someone is thinking about PR. But, to be fair, everything the Pope does with other people in the room is a PR move.

    I'm still in a wait-and-see posture, but it's a good start.


  3. From what I read, this is the first time any pope has washed women's feet. This has caused some disapproving comments, but as Charlie Pierce says, "at least he pissed off the right people."

  4. It's also the first time the Pontiff has washed the feet of a Muslim.

  5. It was better than what most Christians, including myself, did on that day.